Saturday, October 1, 2011


Life is short,  we are facing death for every second. Who can confirm he surely will live for another 30 years?..No one . All living things will die, and we as muslims, must believe there is another life after we die, it is endless of life!! Endless. Then, what we must do to live happily ever after there?..The only answer is our good deeds. Look how many generations have passed away. Did they take their wealth with them? Did their take their palaces, their excellent results, their high status? Were they buried with their gold and silver? No!! They were placed in their graves alone. Only good deeds can save a person from punishments.

Allah, the Exalted says in Quran (16:97),
“Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he(or she) is a true believer, verily to him We will give a good life(in this world with respect, contentment,and lawful provision) and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best what they used to do (Paradise in the Hereafter)”

Widen our scope about good deeds. It is not only about prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and zakat. Islamic teaching is wonderful. Whatever things we do, as long as we do it lillahi taala, and it do not contradict with the syariat, it is considered as ibadah. Subhanallah..very easy right. Smile, eat, study, listen to music, call others to Islam; all of these can be ibadah.

Always ask yourself, what is the thing that make you as a special person in this life?..For me, there is no other concrete reason except I was born as a muslim, and till now, I’m freely to practice Islam in my life. The thing that make you become so special is your religion, so why don’t you make people around you feel the same feeling as yours? Let them feel the beautifulness of Islam, the moderate teaching in it, the calmness to practice it. Share your feeling with others. By what?..the only possible way is by doing dakwah. Amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar is surely a good deed. You teach them about Islam, you call them to do good deeds, you tell them what is prohibited in religion, only then they know about Islam. Everyone have the potential to be a caller to Islam, calling others to the path of Allah with kind words, arguing in a manner that is better, setting yourself as an example. It is the responsibility for every muslim to ask others for Islam. If a muslim itself do not promoting Islam, then who will?..

The ummah does not expect you to excellent in all things, to master in every field, to have quality in all skills, rather, it expects you to offer what the best do you have, if you only have one word, then spread it as the prophet encouraged us. If you don’t have enough money to do charity, or enough time to ease your brother’s burden, you can still offer your wise opinions and enlightened thoughts. The key point is, whatever do you have, give all your best for the sake of Islam. 

For Islam, I’ll sacrifice everything..


The main reason I’m writing about this is just to remind and recharge myself. There is a time when a person feel very lost, unable to do anything, feel tired, want to quit, fell helpless, time management beterabur, don’t know what to do first, fenomena layak x layak, etc . When I am in such this hampeh pessimist negative situation, I’ll start asking and provoking myself a few question to make me realize, why I’m here, in this world.. ‘wani, now you are travelling on a journey from which there will be no return, have you prepared the best for this journey? old are you now?how long will you live?don’t you know that for every beginning there is an end and the end will be either Paradise or Hell?..when you are being taken to the grave one day, will it be one of the gardens of Paradise or one of the ditches of Hell?...Allah,forgive me for all those feelings..i only complain on my grief and sorrow to you Allah..

Need someone to hold my hands and say; “everything is going to be fine wani, the path you chose is the true path, jz go on with what you have started..yess, you feel tired now, because you want to rest peacefully in Paradise insyaAllah..Look at life with a spirit of love and optimism, for life is a gift from Allah to man. Be ambitious, keep climbing and always have hope. Beware of falling , and remember of falling, and remember that life is minutes and seconds. Be like the ant in hard work and patience. Always keep trying. The main thing is that you should never feel frustrasted, because rationally speaking there is no such thing as the last word or bitter end, rather there is always trial and error, and learning from your mistakes. Do away with all thoughts of failure and stop thingking of calamities and problems, for Allah says in Quran; ‘..and put your trust in Allah if you are indeed believers’ ,”…

post xdak kaitan dgn gmbr^^

Oh Allah, make me strong. Innama asyku bassi wa huzni ilallah.. Yes, I’m a student, but I don’t want to be an ordinary student, there are sooo many things I have to do. I said to myself once, that I want to build potential within me and I want to be somebody..Now the time is a challenge for myself, insyaAllah I’ll try my best ^_^